Corporate Catering

For many years, Anna’s Cake House has been offering high volumes of baked goods without compromising on quality. If your company hosts monthly birthday parties, Christmas parties, employee meetings, or regular lectures, Anna’s Cake House has your catering needs covered. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

Corporate Monthly Birthday Plan

We love to help people celebrate, and one popular occasion is birthdays! Just contact us and we can work with you to set up a monthly birthday cake program, to help you make an event of employee birthdays. Delivery is available, as well as disposable utensils, plates and napkins, making your celebrations a piece of cake – in every sense!

Participating companies are eligible for special promotions and prizes just by signing up. Additionally, if your organization meets or exceeds our subscription bonus threshold, you and your staff will qualify for a corporate discount. Please ask us for details at the time of sign up.