About Anna's Cake House

Our Story

Anna’s Cake House officially opened in 1974, just a few blocks away from the current location of our head office.

It was started by the Cheung family: Anna, her brother Ronald and his wife Kathleen. From its humble beginnings in the kitchen at Ronald and Kathleen’s home, the business has grown from baking for friends and family to opening its first retail bakery. Initially employing just 2 staff, Anna's now has over 50 employees working across 4 locations in 3 cities within Metro Vancouver. All the while, Anna’s has stayed true to its roots, only ever producing the best quality baked goods without introducing fillers or chemicals. Our original recipes comprise of simple ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs and the best Canadian butter. Everything is still artisan-crafted in small batches by bakers who truly have a passion for their profession. To this very day, Anna’s still remains a family run business.

One of the original founders, Ronald, still works at the bakery along with Anna’s nephews, Ron and Greg, to ensure the continuation of the three basic principles on which Anna’s Cake House was founded:

Best quality baked goods

We want to create goods of the best possible quality. To achieve this, we pay close attention to the ingredients and processes that we use. To entertain our patrons’ palettes, we want all of our products not only to have great taste but to have great texture too. Everything we make is produced in small batches by artisans and NOT on a mass production scale. We do not make large quantities of goods to be sold over subsequent days. Everything we bake today, we sell today.

Friendly personable service

Simply put, our goal is to make every one of our patrons feel like a member of the Anna's family as soon as they walk through the door. If you are not given a true Anna's welcome, please let us know so we can put things right.

Great value for money

To help keep our products affordable for everyone, we keep our designs simple and focus our efforts on providing quality to the core. Value for money is key, and taste and texture take priority over a 'Haute Cuisine' appearance. If you do desire a more elegant finish for your cakes or pastries, we are happy to take custom orders. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

Come to our House and experience the love we put into everything we make. See our list of store locations to find the Anna's Cake House closest to you.