About Anna's Cake House

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of all of our products, at all times, and will address all valid cases where an order is not completely to your satisfaction. We are also continuously looking for new ways to improve our products and services and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Since we do not add any chemicals or preservatives to any of our products, and they are all created by artisans in small, hand-crafted portions, we recognize that sometimes a product that is not up to our standards may slip through our own QC.

Please ensure that you store our products properly, as most are perishable at room temperature. Nearly all cases of product deterioration can be avoided by ensuring the product is refrigerated as soon as you get it home.

Concerns about your order MUST be brought to our attention within 24 hours of purchase and the product must not be entirely consumed. In these cases, the original purchaser must contact us themselves.

Please click here to send any comments, suggestions or accolades directly to the Anna's team.